BFJ Planning is a consulting firm providing professional expertise in planning, urban design, environmental analysis, real estate and transportation since its establishment in 1980. Led by firm partners, Frank Fish, Georges Jacquemart, Sarah K. Yackel, and Susan Favate, BFJ serves public, private and non-profit clients throughout the country and overseas. The firm’s philosophy is one of integrated planning and hands-on, senior-level leadership.

BFJ has successfully completed more than 1,000 projects in the U.S., East Asia, Europe, and South America. Our range of services allows us to bring a project from the initial feasibility stage, through planning and approvals, to site design and implementation. Principals and staff provide expertise in a range of areas, bringing together informed, innovative thinking from different professional points of view necessary to the success of complex planning and development projects. This inclusive approach ensures that BFJ’s planning and design recommendations are realistic and achievable within project constraints. 

In all the work we do, from master plans through environmental reviews and resiliency planning, BFJ is committed to participatory planning. We have a depth of experience in consensus building, public participation and community liaison programs and understand that early and consistent public involvement in the planning process is crucial to the development of plans that will be supported by the community and can be effectively implemented.

BFJ is supported by its affiliate, Urbanomics, which provides public- and private-sector clients with an array of economic development planning services, including market studies, tax policy analyses, program evaluations and economic and demographic forecasts.