Comprehensive planning and zoning are two essential tools used by communities to plan for the future and implement change. BFJ's approach to developing comprehensive plans is to work in close partnership with municipal clients and community stakeholders to develop plans that accurately reflect community needs and visions and have the buy-in necessary for implementation.

BFJ provides a full range of planning and zoning services to our clients including comprehensive planning, waterfront planning, zoning code updates and special zoning districts and tools. We also serve as consultant town planners to local municipalities providing both ongoing planning services and special projects.

Comprehensive Plans

BFJ prepares municipal comprehensive plans, strategic plans, and plans of conservation and development for communities ranging from major cities to small hamlets. BFJ’s guidelines help policymakers and community members make the best decisions to ensure the optimal use of land, affordable housing, efficient transportation, public services, and high environmental standards. 

Waterfront Planning

BFJ has developed a national reputation for waterfront planning. The firm has completed more than 20 major waterfront plans including projects in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Wisconsin, Mississippi, Minnesota, as well as China. BFJ has also completed numerous Local Waterfront Revitalization Program (LWRPs) plans in conformance with the requirements of the New York State Department of State.


Zoning is one of the principal means of implementing a community’s comprehensive plan. BFJ has extensive experience preparing and updating zoning ordinances, subdivision regulations, historic preservation ordinances, and other land use regulations. The firm also designs land use policies that complement an area’s physical and historic features while ensuring its economic viability.

Special Zoning Services

In addition to traditional zoning ordinances, BFJ also prepares ordinances that utilize such innovative mechanisms as the transfer of development rights, neighborhood preservation zones, land conservation ordinances, special districts, incentive zoning, and performance zoning. The firm reviews proposed zoning amendments and assesses the implications of zoning changes.

Continuing Planning Services

BFJ provides ongoing planning assistance and advisory services to the planning staff of many communities. Such services include updating and revising master plans, reviewing site and subdivision plans and environmental assessments, and advising communities on the implementation of planning recommendations.