Transportation Planning

BFJ has extensive experience and capabilities in the fields of transportation planning and traffic circulation. We perform traffic circulation and impact studies, infrastructure capacity and performance analyses, safety studies, traffic calming studies, parking programs, transit studies and multi-modal transportation planning efforts. Our transportation planners work closely with our land use planners, environmental experts and economists to provide our clients with integrated transportation solutions.

Traffic Circulation and Impact Studies

BFJ analyzes transportation impacts on commercial, residential, industrial, institutional and highway developments in urban, suburban, and rural environments, including evaluation of impacts on transit systems and pedestrian and bicycle circulation.

Parking Studies and Programs

BFJ provides a range of parking services, including comprehensive parking demand and supply studies, parking management and shared-parking programs and parking surveys and studies.

Multi-Modal Transportation Planning

BFJ has substantial expertise in multi-modal transportation planning, including integrated transportation systems planning addressing vehicular, pedestrian, bicycle and mass transit needs and efficiencies.

Transit Planning and Design

BFJ provides extensive transit and paratransit planning and design services, including data collection, alternative evaluation studies, service assessments of particular lines or entire systems, passenger projections, market studies, costs and revenue estimates, productivity analyses and conceptual designs for stations and terminals. 

Pedestrian and Bicycle Planning

BFJ has extensive experience in the preparation of bicycle and pedestrian studies for public agencies, institutions and private clients. Our studies which include facility and alignment options, demand estimates, safety analyses and rails-to-trails plans, integrate cost-effective design solutions into pedestrian and bicycle improvement programs.